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PeakCognitive Performance

with Theacrine x Caffeine

POSTED 06-01-21

Two heads are better than one when it comes to maximizing your body’s performance. Caffeine and its cousin ingredient, theacrine (also known as TeaCrine®), both affect the nervous system in powerful ways. When ingested, they support optimal focus, physical ability, and response time to your environment, especially before working out and performing complicated tasks. Theacrine and caffeine interact in ways that create sustainable energy, uplift your mood and increase focus, as well as promote a calming effect to your nervous system. Let’s discover how they each operate as individual compounds and also come together to maximize your physical potential. 



Theacrine is found and extracted from a popular Chinese tea plant called Cameilla kucha. While it’s known as a popular anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant by the scientific community, Theacrine has also gained widespread popularity in the mainstream fitness community as a powerful way to impact physical performance, elevate mood, increase the motivation to work out and be active, and heighten mental focus and acuity. Because of these claims to fame, theacrine is commonly found in many preworkout and energy supplements available on the market today. 


Theacrine has a longer half-life (around 20 hours!) than many of its cousin compounds, such as caffeine, which means energy levels are sustained for longer periods of time. Theacrine simultaneously stimulates dopamine and adenosine receptors, supporting production of these hormones, which supports the theory that ingesting theacrine can lead to an uplifted mood and increased motivation while also promoting a sense of calm in the nervous system. 



Fun fact: Caffeine doesn’t necessarily “give” you energy; it makes you “un-tired.” You are able to feel sleepy thanks to a nucleoside in your brain called adenosine. Adenosine is produced by physical activity and brain use - which accumulate during the day - and when adenosine binds to the A1 receptors in your brain, it promotes muscle relaxation and sleepiness. 


When caffeine reaches your brain, it temporarily blocks the adenosine from binding to A1 receptors, preventing you from feeling tired. Studies show this can lead to feeling more alert and focused during tasks requiring athletic performance. It can also increase certain cognitive functions like recall on simple tasks, which is why many of us turn to caffeinated beverages early in the morning before taking on our work schedule. Unfortunately, caffeine has a short half-life compared to other energy boosters, and once its effect wears off, you may experience the crash and jitters we all know too well. 


Better Together

Caffeine and theacrine are related compounds that are used as powerful stimulants in both energy and pre-workout supplements. Each compound has its own powerful benefits, but as we said above, when caffeine and theacrine are combined, they each sustain and amplify the positive effects of the other


The shorter burst of energy paired with crash and jitters associated with taking too much caffeine can be countered by pairing it with theacrine, as theacrine has a much longer half-life once entering the system. Theacrine’s ability to support optimal adenosine and dopamine levels is also a perfect pairing with caffeine’s intense stimulation of the nervous system. As a result, calming effects, increased motivation, and an elevated mood may be felt as theacrine encourages adenosine and dopamine production, while maintaining the intensified ability to focus and perform from caffeine. 


What’s more, theacrine has not been shown to affect blood pressure, and scientists have found no negative side effects to blood pressure when combining caffeine and theacrine. This is good news, as studies have also shown that the positive effects of blending these two ingredients together are even more enhanced than when taking them individually. As a result, when theacrine and caffeine are combined in the right amounts, one can experience enhanced focus and memory recall, increased physical performance, and sustained, clean energy levels.


By taking both caffeine and theacrine in combination, like in Gotama’s comprehensive pre-workout blend, READY, you can experience increased motivation to work out, intensified focus, and enhanced physical performance. Look for both ingredients in your pre-workout or energy supplements to reap the benefits! 


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