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Stay Sharp and Motivated

Phenylethylamine HCI x L-Tyrosine

POSTED 04-30-21

We could all use more happiness and productivity hacks in our lives, don’t you agree? Whether at work or the gym, being alert, motivated, and energized is key to performing at a high level in anything you do. Fortunately, there are now scientifically-backed ingredients found in supplements that support the production of dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine—the “happy, alert” hormones. 


These three hormones are essential to both mental and physical performance. The right amounts of certain ingredients like Phenylethylamine HCI and L-Tyrosine, support the production of these three musketeers in your brain, which can have a lasting effect on focus, motivation, and physical endurance. Each ingredient is great on its own, but even better when they work together. Let’s learn about Phenylethylamine HCI and L-Tyrosine and why they pair so well. 


Phenylethylamine HCI


Phenylethylamine HCI—what a mouthful! Don’t be intimidated by this amine’s name, however, because it’s a strong ally for your physical performance and endurance. Phenylethylamine HCI, or PEA for short, is a powerful compound. In the right amounts, it can affect and stimulate the release of dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, the (neurotransmitter hormones mentioned above) as well as serotonin. These neurotransmitters are closely tied to feelings of happiness, reward, and pleasure, and they are often released after bouts of increased exercise, resulting in a feeling often referred to as the “runner’s high”. That second wind of motivation and energy is most likely due to a release of these happy hormones, and Phenylethylamine HCI encourages this release. 


Because dopamine is connected to alertness and attention, and a lack of dopamine is correlated with ADHD, Phenylethylamine HCI is also being used in clinical studies to support attention disorders. In fact, scientists have observed that the introduction of PEA to a person with attention deficit disorder can produce elevated levels of attention and alertness. It makes sense then that PEA as a compound in pre-workout supplements is extremely effective in supporting elevated levels of energy, focus, and performance.



If you need to stay motivated and on your A-game, L-Tyrosine has you covered. 


Tyrosine is an amino acid first discovered in cheese, and it’s an important precursor to dopamine, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. By increasing the release of these hormones, it is believed that we can increase memory, performance, and focus, even during highly stressful situations when quick reactions are needed most. As you can imagine, this is helpful during strenuous exercise and periods of time when you need superior mental focus and acuity. In fact, in clinical studies, L-Tyrosine supplementation was shown to significantly improve working memory during mentally demanding tasks, the ability to switch between tasks, and alertness when sleep deprived.


Our bodies produce small amounts of L-Tyrosine and it’s found in some foods (like said cheese), but supplementing your intake with a quality pre-workout can support long periods of intense focus, endurance, and physical performance. 


Better Together 

Two heads are better than one, and that especially applies to the combination of L-Tyrosine and Phenylethylamine HCI. Each of these compounds is a superior pre-workout supplement in and of itself, but in combination, they pack a serious punch! 


As discussed, L-Tyrosine is a precursor to the neurotransmitters dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Phenylethylamine stimulates the release of these neurotransmitters. As the body can make more of these neurotransmitters from supplemental l-tyrosine, more of these ‘feel good’ and ‘energy boosting’ neurotransmitters can be released, and phenylethylamine supports an increased amount of these neurotransmitters.


PEA and L-Tyrosine work in harmoniously to support the production and steady, increased release of hormones necessary for sharp focus, peak motivation, and superior mental and physical performance. This is why the combination of these two compounds is found in quality pre-workout supplements. Fuel your choice, fuel your workout, and fuel your focus with L-Tyrosine and Phenylethylamine HCI. 


No matter what pre-workout supplement you choose, make sure to look for quality ingredients like these, like in Gotama’s comprehensive pre-workout blend, READY. READY gives you a powerful boost in energy and endurance without the crash or brain fog.


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