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Unparalleled Energy with Dynamine™ x Caffeine 

POSTED 04-30-21

If you find yourself spacing out between virtual meetings or yawning every time 2pm hits, you’re not alone. The solution doesn’t have to be grabbing another cup of coffee though! If you do go on another Starbucks run, chances are you’ll experience another crash a couple of hours later.


We want you to know there are other ways. There are supplements that give you smooth, sustained energy and endurance, which can keep you performing at your best all day, every day. When choosing your energy drinks or supplements, make sure to look for well-balanced formulas that include ingredients like L-theanine or Dynamine™ that helps your body utilize caffeine over a longer period of time. This helps minimize the crash and jitters. For example, below is information on just two out of 16 perfectly-blended ingredients found in Gotama’s AWAKE that will help fuel your choice when it comes to picking the best energy support. 




Dynamine™ is a popular, science-backed compound found in Kucha tea that is now used in many energy supplements. It is especially effective when combined with other ingredients like caffeine, as it helps counter the crash and jitters crash you feel with just caffeine alone. 


When taken in the right amounts, Dynamine™ supports the release and absorption of neurotransmitters in our brains. As a result of this interaction, there is more of a neurotransmitter called dopamine (the “happy” hormone) for our brains to utilize. At the same time, Dynamine™ promotes the blocking of another neurotransmitter, adenosine (the sleepy hormone) from binding to receptors in our brain. Therefore, Dynamine™ supports an elevated, stable mood and focus while serving up longer-lasting, unparalleled energy levels! 



There’s no question that caffeine has become a staple part of modern daily routines. In fact, over 23 billion pounds of coffee were consumed across the globe last year! Combine that with the fact that more than half of American adults drink at least 3 cups of coffee per day, it’s easy to see just how much people rely on caffeine to get through the day—but it comes with a cost!


Caffeine doesn’t necessarily “give” you energy. It makes you “un-tired.” You are able to feel sleepy thanks to a nucleoside in your brain called adenosine. Adenosine is produced by physical activity and brain use, which accumulate during the day. Sleepiness happens when adenosine binds to the A1 receptors in your brain, promoting muscle relaxation and sleepiness. This is why you are able to feel tired during the day. When caffeine reaches your brain, it temporarily blocks the adenosine from binding to A1 receptors, basically blocking you from feeling tired. Unfortunately, once this effect wears off, you crash. 


Better Together


Now that we have explored both Dynamine™ and caffeine on their own, here is how they work together synergistically to boost your energy. When looking at the benefits of both Dynamine™ and caffeine, it makes sense that together they would provide the best energy boost to your daily routine! 


Dynamine™ has a longer half-life than caffeine, which means combining it with caffeine and other ingredients keeps levels of high energy stable and prolonged. You get the immediate, powerful burst of energy you are used to from caffeine while being able to lengthen the boost due to Dynamine™ binding to receptors and preventing them from releasing adenosine for longer periods of time than just caffeine alone. 


Additionally, in combination with Dynamine™ and other ingredients (such as L-theanine and Beta-alanine, discussed previously), the crash after a caffeine boost is erased. In a nutshell, with caffeine and Dynamine™ together, the negative effects are minimized and your energy is optimized!


Gotama’s AWAKE 


It’s possible to achieve clean, sustained energy and focus for work and athletic performance without the harmful ingredients that are found in traditional energy drinks. Gotama’s AWAKE uses only 16, science-backed ingredients, like Dynamine™ and caffeine, which support higher levels of clean, sustained energy. AWAKE brings you performance without compromise—just mix one serving with water, sip, and get on with your day!


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